MY MAN AND ME: Couples Photo Session

Wandering about the stone paths and dirt trails in the light of the evening sun, I gladly took spectacle of all the greenery around me.

While admiring the Lords artistry within the towering trees, blossoming flowers and flourishing plant life, it had become very clear to me why this had become such a photography hot spot. And I was so glad that I finally was able to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden – Assiniboine Park


It is truly amazing how many scenic treasures there are near you, if you just take the time to look. It is with these little places that I do not feel any less for having not yet had the opportunity to travel. For there are plenty of sights to see, right where you are. They are just sitting there waiting to be found. And personally, I will never tire of the exploring.


Surprisingly enough, I did not expect for us to have had such a perfect sky. That made for the perfect backdrop. So I was very pleased to see the sun peeking through the grey clouds when we were making our way to Assiniboine Park to meet Kalina and Chris.

By the time we arrived, only an hr later, the sky was clearing and we were happy to say it didn’t rain a drop the entire time we were there.couples-photo-shoot


It is safe to say we came away with all the many photo’s that I absolutely adore. I am so happy to have even more moments stopped in time for Seth and I to look back on.

So here we go, I hope you like our little couples photo session. And if you would be interested in hearing a little bit of a backstory on us, let me know in the comments below! Because I can definitely make that happen. 😉


If you are wondering where my dress is from, I found it at Ardene! And my lips are Ultra Matte Lip by Colourpop in the colour Notion! This deep berry colour is definitely one of my favs.


Kalina and Chris truly did a fantastic job. Don’t forget to check her page out @kalinadenaultphotography if you want to see more awesome photo’s. And be prepared to see more collaborations and lovely photo’s by Kalina in future blog posts!

Hope you have a lovely week my friends!



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