Success isn’t measured by how much you make, the car you drive or even how big of a house you live in.

It is measured by how much you gave the world, how much goodness you put into it. Every kind gesture, every smile you put on someone’s face. The amount of laughter you shared with friends and the memories you made.

The truth is no amount of money, people or things will amount to the importance of living a life that you can say you didn’t waste. Because by the end, the money won’t change a thing in the heaven that awaits. That “stuff” won’t be worth a thing.

But HOW you lived your life, whether you were fully alive or just trying to survive. Let it be that you spent it serving Christ. So it can be said at the end that she is going to a place where she gets to meet her maker. To be with the one that she loved most.


Whether that life began yesterday, today or will begin tomorrow. It doesn’t matter when you start. God forgives you for your past mistakes. They are as gone as yesterday. What He cares about is what is happening now.

So if you are down, remember that gives you one more chance to rise again. Let it be that you rise for a better tomorrow, even if you weren’t able to make a better today.

I pray you find contentment no matter the place, the number in the bank or the circumstances you face. Because you gotta God on your side that’s bigger than it all.

What kind of success do you plan on making for yourself tomorrow? Because it is not what society deems as successful that matters. The real question is would God deem you successful in the missions He has before you?

I know that as I go out tomorrow I will be carrying that question close to my heart, and I hope you will do the same!

With love,




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