3 Essentials In Conquering The Social Media Game

3 Essentials in Conquering The Social Media Game

How many of us scroll through social media wondering why our lives aren’t like that beautiful person we follow on Instagram. I mean come on, this person is crazy pretty, super successful, gets a gazillion likes on their photo’s and has a ton of followers. Plus they just got engaged to their super amazing, supportive boyfriend, always have the most fashionable clothes, and the best stuff. The kinda stuff you wish you could afford but definitely can’t. And well, they seem to just have their life together.

WRONG (que buzzer sound) haha.

K, maybe this person appears to have an aaaawesome life via Instagram. But come on, they’re life ain’t as perfect as it looks on their feed. And the fact that you may even consider believing that they do, is your first mistake in ‘The Social Media Game’.


The Social Media Game:

The mind game played through social media, that has you adopting a skewed perception about how you should be or look. That has you playing into constant comparison, along with multitudes of other side effects that we experience from being absorbed into social media every single day. 

The key to conquering The Social Media Game

1. Don’t Play The Game In The First Place.

And if you’re already in it, make preparations to abort mission immediately haha.

The thing is, it can be hard enough to be on social media with just your normal personal account. Where you share a highlight reel with your family and friends. Using it to document some of the adventures life brings you on etc.

But if you’ve jumped on the social media train full force in an aim to gain followers, increase your engagement, find people to collaborate with or as way to gain exposure and share your work. Well, that is one of the easiest ways to find yourself right smack in the middle of ‘The Social Media Game’.



You are literally in competition with everyone that is trying to do the same thing! Fighting to be at the top of the feed of every person that follows you. And that takes a toll on a person very very easily.

Because essentially to be successful you have to navigate these platforms with their perfectly placed traps and figure out aaaaall the ins and outs/do's and don'ts. But in doing you its really easy to lose sight of why you started, to keep your eye on the prize so to speak. Without getting sucked into this black whole of comparison, and pressure to making super popular content.

So you want to keep your feet on the ground by staying informed. Limiting how much time you spend on social media, and how you spend that time. Always allow it to be for a purpose. 

SIDE NOTE: Remember STAY CLASSY. Don't be tempted by the alternative ways to gain followers/likes that don't fall in line with your platforms policies. Doing things right will always get you further, and taking the easy way out never actually works in the end. And most definitely will come back to bite you in the butt!

1. Focus more on being yourself, than trying to imitate the big guys in your niche.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating someone else for something they have. Whether that be their looks, their stuff or other aspects of their life. But neeeeever convince yourself that you should change who you are or how you look because you think that’s what you need to do in order to get where they are. God will guide you in where you need to actually change if you are putting him at the forefront of your life. Otherwise, He wants you to embrace who He created YOU to be! Not to spend your time trying to more like that ‘other guy’.

Social Media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder why everyone is always depressed.

You see, every persons journey is different. Everyone’s road to success is different. It takes longer for some, than others. So the best way thing you can do it use what you DO have to make your own unique success, and to stop comparing yourself to the other guys.

As for copying how other successful influencers write, and recreating the kind of photo’s they post. Just stop haha. Like right now. And if you are straight up copying/ using other peoples images and/or caption without their permission, in an attempt to grow your account. You are playing a dangerous game. If you are caught you are one second away from Instagram taking your account down if someone decides to report you.

Copying someone else's style will not get you closer to creating a powerful image for yourself that will grow and become a recognizable brand that people will know and love!

Let me put it this way. Why would people need to follow you when you’re doing the exact same things as that other influencer right? God created YOU for a reason. And if you looked like that other person and talked like that other person, the world wouldn’t get to experience and hear what they need YOU to say when you are being authentically y o u.

Reality is, the way you write and incorporate your own unique mannerisms and personality is what will separate you from the other big players in your niche! So embrace your uniqueness!

2. Do what comes naturally!

One of the biggest things I wish I could tell people is that the harder you try and the more you force things, the less natural and relatable your content will become. So consequently, the image you are creating around yourself will become less and less you!

Not too mention, do you know how exhausting it is to try a maintain an ‘image’ that isn’t truly you? Even if it’s just on social media, the amount of time you’ll be wasting by trying to be something your not is just not worth it. Because if it doesn’t come naturally, how much longer is it going to take to take that Instagram worthy image? Or to write that blog worthy post? Just imagine! Brutal..

The harder you try to fit the mould, the further you will get from reaching your goals. Sooner than later you’ll find that you’ll just end up burning out!

Less ‘Perfect’, More ‘Reality’

As you’ve heard time and time again, we need less ‘perfect’ and more ‘reality’!

I mean, I totally get it. The pressure sucks. There’s been times where I’ve let myself become consumed with what people will ‘like’. It’s so easy to do in this journey of trying to create content and run a blog. But the more I’ve tried to force the issue, especially on days where it’s just not happening. Are the times where not only do I not feel good about the content I‘ve produced but when I really think about it I’m putting out this idea of ‘me’ that isn’t accurate! And then before you know it you have become a perfect participant in The Social Media Game. 

So when you put it like that who are you really helping?

Uh yeah.., no one!

You’re most certainly not helping yourself (mentally OR in your goal to grow your social channels) and you’re not helping the people you are trying to 'convince' either!

So what does that mean? It means you are just fast tracking your way to failure! Because trying to get big on social media by essentially ‘faking it’ is no more sustainable than it would be in real life. So either you will quit before you get there, or if you do make it you won’t be able to keep up with it and people will catch on.

So moral of the story? Just chillax. Don’t force it, and be real with yourself and your followers! 

 Not only is it not your responsibility to be everything to everyone, it is just not possible. So stop trying to be