My Ultimate Summer Outfit + Styling Tips feat. Jord

 My Ultimate Summer Outfit + Styling Tips

The weather is warm and the sun is out! What outfit will you be rocking most on those hot summer days?

Whether you are enjoying some ice-cream in your fav local shop, wandering the back roads picking wild flowers or setting up for a picnic out under your favourite shade tree, I have the perfect, summer outfit and styling tips for you!

All photo's taken by the lovely: Marissa Naylor Photography 


You want to look cute, calm and collected, am I right? Well let's take a closer look at this ultimate summer outfit you can be rocking variations of ALL summer long!

High-waisted denim shorts!

My #1 article of clothing I'll be rocking this summer is high-waisted shorts in every shape and style!

These Garage shorts I'm wearing in today's outfit are the perfect light wash denim that I thrifted from a local thrift store for a steal of a price!

High waisted shorts/pants are great for cinching you in at the waist and (for short girls like me) making your legs look a little bit longer! 

Need some more inspo check out these shorts from Garage:

Retro High Waist Jean Shorts.

Staple Ankle Booties

Grab your fav pair of adventure proof ankle booties! So you can look good but also get your boots a little dirty if you decide an adventure is in store along the way! I like these ones because they keep my feet dry, they're super comfy but give me just enough of a height boost!

Off The Shoulder Top!

As you've probably noticed, the off the shoulder trend has taken off for spring and summer! There are endless styles to choose from.  This one from Urban Planet is super light, flowy and perfect for those extra hot days.

For non cropped tops like this, I like to style them by tying a knot in the front, or tucking it in my shorts to keep things clean andlooking put together! 

TIP: Don't have a strapless bra? Rock one of your strapless bathing suit tops underneath your off the shoulder top so you ensure clean lines and so you don't have to worry about those distracting straps! And the best part is, you are swim ready if you take a detour to your local pool or beach!



Every girl needs to have their go to purse for the summer! I picked up this affordable white purse for a great price at Ardenes. It's cute gold accents and tassel make it the perfect accessory to add to your outfit. It's a nice small size, yet big enough to store the essentials and comes with a nice long strap so it's easy to wear as a cross body bag so you can frolic about without any care in the world. Because let's be honest, if your anything like me you are forgetful, kinda spazzy and need to have it strapped to you at all times. haha. 

Sun Hat:

Throw on your cutest sun hat, I got this great quality hat from Salvation Army in Winnipeg for $.3.99! What a steal, and I updated it super easily by swapping the old band with a black ribbon instead. 


For this ultimate summer outfit I added this JORD watch that is not only beautiful, but also a super practical accessory to complete any summer look! 

One of the best things about a wooden watch like this is how light it is! It is also incredibly versatile. Not only is it super easy to dress down for a more casual look but it's minimalist design makes it at a beautiful piece to wear at the office, or to any kind of event!

As you know I am all about affordable fashion, but I believe in getting quality products when it comes to essential staple items like this. There are just certain things are worth paying more for. And a wooden watch such as this is a timeless item to add to your collection that will stay stylish for years to come!

TRY THIS: You also can opt for a cute layered necklace to complete this summer look! In need of some affordable options? Check out these cute necklaces here OR add a little extra boho by adding a set of these layered rings to top of your summer look!

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Did you enjoy this post? Leave a comment down below with your favourite go to item out of this summer lookbook!