A Summer Dream feat. Jorja Coral Photography

A Summer Dream feat. Jorja Coral Photography


This photo-shoot was close to home. Near my house in East Selkirk, Mb down a lovely path where the train tracks used to be, we got some beautiful shots in a lovely little nook beside a creek. 

Jorja and I ventured down to this old railway bridge. A place where my family and I actually take our dog for a walk all the time! The great thing about this spot, is there's so much picture perfect scenery all in one little spot. Lucky for us this creek happened to be right beside a beautiful sunlit field, surrounded by wild grass and flowers. That truly made, for the perfect landscape. 

I went for the ultimate summer look for this shoot. Just like all of my photo-shoots I keep the looks very affordable. So I decided to pair this blush pink dress that I picked up for an awesome price at Ardene's, with the trendy flower crown that I DIY'd myself. I figured a simple white choker would be a nice touch, so I fashioned one myself to go with this look.

Partial way through the shoot I switched out my flower crown for a simple sunhat. I thought this look came together quite well and as always I had such a good time & lots of laughs with Jorja Coral Photography.

 I hope you enjoy this - all things summer, photo-shoot!

Photography by: Jorja Coral Photography

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My face when I almost slipped on the rocks and face-planted into the water! haha.