5 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship!

You can take two great people and put them together but that doesn’t mean things are guaranteed to work. But there are definitely ways you can give your relationship it’s best shot from the start or try and improve the one you’re in right now!

That’s why I’ve listed these 5 ways you can improve the relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. And maybe even discover the solution to some of the relationship problems you are having right now!

1. Be your own person. Make time for yourself and have your own friends!

You are your own person. When you get into a relationship it can be easy to forget that!

 You more than likely spend most of your time with your partner, leaving friendships to often whither. Even more so, hobbies can get left in the dust and you start losing what makes you, YOU. So ask yourself has my partner become TOO much of my identity?

You should not be SOLELY dependent on your partner for entertainment or company. It’s not only super unhealthy for you but it is for your boyfriend too!

So make sure you maintain your own individual identity. Go out with YOUR friends, and make sure he does the same. Your partner will thank you and you’ll thank yourself in the long run!

2. Spontaneity keeps things interesting!

It can be easy to get “comfortable” in a relationship. As a couple you develop a routine, habits, dislikes and likes. But as you get more comfortable you may find yourself getting bored with your relationship, and even worse, with your partner (eek).

Keeping a routine and never having those spontaneous genuine moments is one of the fastest ways you can find yourself falling out of love with one another. So don’t underestimate the power of spontaneity! It’s so healthy for a relationship when you can keep some of that excitement and fun you enjoyed when you first started dating. So do something cute for him out of the blue, and encourage your partner to do the same! Or even just go out for a date and do something  you may not normally gravitate towards doing usually to switch things up every now and then!

3. But also set aside time to spend with one another.

As much as keeping things spontaneous and exciting is great for a relationship, it is just as important to “schedule” time together! (as much as I hate to use that word)

Simply, it’s because life can get busy sometimes and you don’t want your partner and/or relationship to be left in the dust. Make sure your partner knows that no matter how hectic life gets that they will always be a priority!

So set aside some time once or twice a week for a date night, whatever works best for you and your love.

4. Every person shows and receives love in different ways. Find out what theirs is.

Do you find yourself feeling unappreciated? Do you find your partner feels that way? More than likely you two just show love in different ways. As human beings we tend to show our love in the ways we like to receive love, but your partner may not be receiving it as you hope they are.

There’s a book called "5 Love Languages”, and if you haven’t read it yet put it on the top of your must-read list! (Click here to buy)

It’s can be such an essential tool in your relationship and will open your eyes to not only your partners needs but your own as well!

5. Communication can make or break a relationship!

Never ignore or brush off communication issues. The great part is that if you are having these issues there a plenty of ways you can fix it. So don't think that just because you are having trouble communicating that you are incompatible! You just have to figure out what works best for you and your partner.

But in order to do that you both have to acknowledge the issue and actually start a conversation about it haha. Funny how that works right? And don't just talk about it, make sure you put steps into place that you both can participate in so that each of your needs are fulfilled!

Those are my 5 tips to improving your relationships, did you find this post helpful? Be sure to leave a comment if you'd like to see more posts like this! And let me know which one of these points you think you need to work on most in your relationship!