3 Tips To Becoming A Positive Person


To become a positive person you need to have a positive mind. But if you were anything like me 4 years ago you may find yourself drowning in negative, anxious thoughts most days and especially nights.  Sinking further into a depression, lacking in a purpose and the motivation to find that purpose. 

Ultimately you just want to become a happier, more positive person right? That way you you can confidently and successfully deal with life when it comes crashing down sometimes. Or at least get through those times without completely losing yourself in it.

Yeah, because feeling like a hot mess all the time.. definitely not fun. Lol


All jokes aside, life is tough. Really, that’s about all it takes before you find yourself pulled into the raging waters of negativity and depression. Struggling to pull yourself back up over the crashing waves. But as the popular quote says: life is tough, but so are you. There really couldn’t be a better way to say it.

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Okay, so yeah life’s waters may have dragged you into the deep end. But the shore hasn’t disappeared. It’s still there you just have to find a way to get to it. Whether you swim or lie on your back while you slowly float in that direction haha either way you will get there.

But for your own sake I suggest trying to swim. ;) And guess what! I have a few tips for you to help you get there a little faster.


I think we often feel like  negativity has control over us, but you couldn’t be more wrong. It truly can only have power over you if you give it that power. Once you take it back, you’re newly liberated self will be on the fast track to a more positive life.

Here are a few ways that helped me go from combating constant negative thoughts to adopting a genuinely positive attitude; where I found my mind creating its own positive outlook without me even having to try anymore.

So keep reading to find out just how I got started!

1. Out with the old! Get rid as much of the negativity in your life as possible, on all platforms. In real life and online.

It’s hard to be positive when you’re constantly surrounded by negative things!

Negative people, activities, and images, you guessed it, are a breeding ground for all things negative. And until you can genuinely transform your mind into generating positive thoughts and reactions to those things it’s very difficult to combat that negativity without your mind jumping  onto the full blown negativity train. Can you really blame your brain for going there when that’s all that your surrounded by?

Be careful who and what you surround yourself with. And don’t be fooled, all those things you scroll past on social media, they have an impact on your mindset.

Honestly just take a step back and ask yourself:

What am I feeding my mind? My subconscious?

And just because you’re used to having crappy friends, crappy jobs, and an overall crappy life doesn’t mean it’s right. It just means you’ve settled and are living a lower quality life than you have to!

Friends? Quality over quantity.
Online content? If it doesn’t generate a positive response in your head, get rid of it. Remember this is just to try to get you to a good baseline to build yourself up on. The less aggravators the quicker you can do so!
Family? Look into alternative options. Find ways to get away more often to give yourself space! That’s of course if you can’t find other family, a friend or can’t afford your own place. But there’s usually some other option if you really want your life to change badly enough.  

2. In with the new! Fill those gaps with some positive stuff instead!

So you finally unfollowed those pages that are always talking trash? Let go of those friends that were only dragging you down, and finally unfriended those people who weren’t anything close to a friend. Well that’s a great start!

But FYI social media doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Use it for what it’s really meant for! Like connecting with like minded individuals that you may not normally have the opportunity to connect with in your town. And my personal favourite, for gathering inspiration! Not to mention feeding your brain with good affirmations and tons of awesome encouragement!

Honestly the biggest stepping stone in starting my positivity journey was getting rid of all that junk, and feeding my brain with better stuff throughout the day.

Quotes, videos , people you name it. All things that encouraged me! The things that reminded me who I could be, where I could go and the life I could have. And the less I came into contact with all those negative things, the more that part of my brain was starved and I could start making way for the positive side of me instead.

The less I came into contact with negative things, the more that part of my brain was starved and I could start making way for the positive side of me instead.

3. It’s a process! Be patient and give yourself realistic expectations.

It’s great to have expectations for yourself but if you give yourself unrealistic ones you are guaranteed to fail. If you are constantly burdened with negative thoughts and you’re already conditioned to that it isn’t an overnight fix. But that's how it should be. So be gentle and patient with yourself.

What you should expect is to have good days, great days and yes, bad days too. But don’t kick yourself for the days and nights that you struggle to keep the negativity at bay.

Understand that just because it happens sometimes, doesn’t mean tomorrow is going to be the same. Not all is lost, you aren't starting at square one again. Each day is its own, each day is a new start. Just remember that even when you are down you have the power to not stay there.

So adjust your life according to the responsibilities you have and cater to what you know YOU need. And don’t be ashamed about what making it happen or asking for it. Every person is different. The more you can learn about yourself and your triggers, the better you’ll be able to avoid them so you can slowly get yourself into a mental space that will allow you to adopt the positive attitude you want. Then one day those triggers won’t be such a big deal and you’ll know exactly what you need to do so it doesn’t affect you like it did once before!

There is so much more to becoming a genuinely positive person. But it is possible. These tips are just what I have taken from my own personal journey. You will have your own one day! Each person’s journey will be different but I truly believe these three things can help anyway in getting started.

With love,


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