This is a message from me to all my fellow Christians out there who also have to deal with one of the most challenging times of our lives, by saying this I mean – who would have thought it – highschool or college.


I mean, honestly the struggle is real! Party's, alcohol, gossip, bad companionship's, …the list goes on and on. Not forgetting the really stressful exam periods. Some of us may also have jobs and other obligations besides school.

Now, the question is:

  • How can I as a Christian keep my faith strong in highschool/college?
  • How can I not walk with the crowd?
  • How do I deal with unbelieving friends in general?
  • How can I strengthen my private time with the Lord and spend more time with Him?
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1. ABIDE IN HIM 24/7

One of the most effective ways I tried to always keep my faith strong was/is abiding in Him. I mean, of course we should abide in the scriptures day and night, but what I mean with abiding is more than just the scriptures. One of the reasons our spiritual life gets stuck is because we minimize our spiritual time by thinking just reading the bible defines spiritual time. Well, I don’t know about you, but once I started to think like this reading the bible became an obligation instead of something I long for.

Abiding in His word means more than just reading the bible. You can follow Christian Instagram accounts or use Applications – just everything that helps you to learn & grow in Him. You haven’t yet downloaded one? What are you waiting for??? HURRY UP and download!

Tip: Solid Joys is a wonderful daily devotional-app. If you need something quick but still thought provoking & refreshing for every single day, then this app is definitely what you’re looking for.


My friend, I know you may already heard it 1000 times, but you we’re not meant to walk with the crowd. You were meant to stand out!

If you know what your friends are doing is wrong, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe and say “No!”. -Okay I don’t want you to actually  scream “NOOO!!!!!” every time you get asked to do something you don’t wanna do aha. Simply be confident in what you believe in and brave enough to stand up for your beliefs.

Be proud of who you are. Be proud of what you believe in. Be proud of who you believe in. He chose you out of more than 7 billion people, to be His witness.


As you can read from the title- end all your friendships with unbelievers! -Okay, joke. Of course you shouldn’t do this. In my opinion we have two different types of unbelieving friends:

The first type are those who make bad remarks about other people, those who always go out partying, drink alcohol, even take drugs etc. etc. Those friends aren’t ‘friends’ you should walk with.

But there’s also a second type of unbelieving friends: those, who always care for you, who always help you, those who are nice and friendly to everyone but most importantly those, who help you grow. Well of course unbelieving friends can’t help you grow spiritually, but they can help you grow mentally. Those friends are friends you should walk with.

I know by myself how hard it can be to actually end those first type friendships, but believe it’s worth it. Choosing friends is not just a decision you make for your time in college/highschool. It’s a decision you make on how successful you will be. Either in your time in college/highschool, or in your daily life, in your job and more. Do not be misled:

Bad company corrupts good character. – 1.Corinthians 15:33

Yes, it’s more than true.

4. PRIORITISE your time with the Lord

The first and most important thing to consider is yourself.  You can just be as spiritualy active and alive as you allow yourself to be.

I know it can be hard sometimes…prayer in the morning, the middle of the day and in the evening, reading your bible everyday/ bible study time etc. but just keep on doing it. It’s worth it. Your quiet time with the Lord should be the most important time in your daily life.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.
— Mark 1:35

If you start reading the bible passage from verse 29 beginning till the end you’ll notice, that this verse is in between a sandwich, a sandwich of Jesus’ hard working time of praying for people, serving, delivering and healing. After doing so Jesus stood up very early in the morning, went off to pray and the moment He finished He immediately continued to pray, serve, deliver and heal people.

Jesus needed this time of not focusing on His work but of focusing on God. He prioritised this time and got up early before working in His ministry, went off to a quite place and prayed. It’s just that simple.

Prioritise your time with the Lord, if it’s 5, 10 or 30 minutes a day, just do it. If you draw near to God, God will draw near to you. He knows your timetable, your plans, your jobs and your occupations. Everything He longs for is just a short, intimate time between you and Him.

As a teenager- okay let’s make it sound a bit better: as young adults it’s really important to make sure that we’re still on fire for the Lord. Nowadays life as a Christian is really hard and tempting.

I hope that I could not only help you, but also encourage you to stay on fire!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR || Sharing an excerpt from her blog's about me page.

My name’s Ruth, I’m the one writing this blog. I was given the wonderful gift of life on the 21st of August 2000. I was born and raised here in Germany.  Little did I know, that God was alreday preparing my first testimony just 3 days after my birth… The doctors told my parents that I had an incongenital heart failure and that I wouldn’t get older than just 3 months – but God didn’t spoke His last word.
Today, 17 years later, I’m still alive, living in a city somewhere in North Rhine- Westphalia and immensely blessed with a wonderful, BIG family: 5 Brothers and 2 Sisters !!! A patchwork family, the very best if you ask me! My parents both come from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
I’m a senior and the spokeswoman of my grade in high school. A high school full of girls, only girls. Getting to know people – getting to know you is my absolute favourite.