Fighting Emptiness And Finding Fulfillment

Fighting Emptiness And Finding Fulfillment


Are you feeling sorta lost? Is your cup looking pretty empty and you are trying to find something to fill it back up again?

When life just isn’t going our way or there’s this hole that we just don’t know how to fill in our heart or lives. It can very easy to try and fill that gap with everything else BUT God. As so many of us do, or have done.

But guess what! God has so much better for us! And if we just let him be there for us in that time of loss or lack of direction, our world can turn right side up so much faster and in the best ways if we stay faithful and led him guide the way!


Buuuuut unfortunately often times instead of doing so, we try to find meaning in anything we can.

A new hobby,

new friends,

a new look,

new adventures.

We spend money trying to satisfy an unknown need with things, whether that be clothes, makeup, jewellery, things for the house. Maybe for you, it's going out to eat all the time, partying, the need to check out a some new exciting place every weekend, or obsessive despite to constantly need to try new things. 


Or who knows maybe it’s the opposite. You convince yourself that sitting at home all day is what will make you feel better, spending hours shopping online, playing video games or binge watching Netflix. Making sure to have the least amount of human contact as possible. Avoiding everyone and everything. And consequently letting yourself fall deeper and deeper into that hole rather than filling it. 

You have made us for yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.
— St. Augustine

Either way when we try to mend the hole in our hearts and lives by ourselves, we each default to some sort of coping mechanisms or habits. But the one thing all of us have in common usually, is that in those times we lose sight of the fact that nothing can bring the peace, resolution & comfort we've been looking for like God can. 


Stop and have a good long talk with God. Just get it all off your chest. Tell him about your fears and emptiness. Stop hiding, because just an FYI. The only one you're hiding from is yourself. Because God already knows what going on.

He knows why you are trying to run away from him by always going out with your friends and spending less and less time with him. He knows why you are hiding and drowning yourself in the endless binge watching of Netflix rather than sitting down and talking to Him. 

But YOU need to open that conversation & seek him and let him do some major recon on that heart and mind of yours. Because sooner or later you will have figured out that no amount of things or people, or lack there of it will satisfy that need deep in your soul. No amount of hiding from the world can make you feel better when what you truly need is to repair your relationship with God.  

Only Faith can fill that gap. Only God can bring you purpose, meaning and true happiness. And as long you keep hiding, pushing Him away or ignoring the issue. You will forever be searching for a different way to fill that hole in your life.


When you stop fighting it, pretending there isn't a problem or that something in your life doesn't need to change you will find yourself rest, peace & contentment that you forgot that you could have. You will find your path & purpose again. You will no longer be lost, but will be found in Him.

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world
— C.S. Lewis

So allow yourself to let go of what ever it is in this world you are clinging so tightly to, hoping that it will bring you peace. Instead trust, have faith and  seek His purpose for your life even if it requires sacrifice. Because nothing in this world can satisfy the longing in your soul like God can. And whenever you feel that dissatisfaction in your heart creeping in, take that as a sign that it probably time to spend some time with Him.