Begin Your Journey: From Broken To Blossoming

Begin Your Journey

It can be hard to blossom when it feels like everything around you is doing the opposite.

Maybe it’s your relationship, maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s your health or job! Or worst of it all, maybe it’s all of it combined. Although it is always a great encouragement when all those aspects of our lives are thriving. I am here to remind you that you do not have to have it all together to bloom into the beautiful creation God desires for you to be.

There will be countless times where we will endure overwhelming heartbreak in our lives. These ‘heartbreaks’ often otherwise known as trials, tribulations and hardships that Christian, or not, we all are far too familiar with. Well, they undoubtedly influence whether or not we ultimately take hold of the truth that regardless of where we are we can still become something greater.

These times in our lives are what let us convince ourselves that we will never get where we really want to be. That we aren't good enough, worth enough or deserve those dreams we dream. 

When Life Threatens To Bury You

Why does this happen? Because with each of those hardships comes a weight to be bared. A weight that threatens to bury us with every burden that we allow to pile onto our shoulders. Bringing another opportunity for any hope we had to thrive again, to be completely lost amongst miles of barren waste land.

And when that happens, well that is when we are left completely and utterly broken.

Unable to emerge from the shadows of the dirt we are buried under until something of Someone brings us out from the darkness and into the light. Who and what we let our rules our lives at that time determines how quickly or slowly we can be brought out of that darkness.

Take Root

That is why what we let take root in our hearts and minds is so imperative to how we come through these painful moments in our lives. For even when we are buried beneath so many burdens that it feels like we will never reach through to the surface, our roots still remain. And as long as those roots remain, it is not over.

Every day is a chance to be relieved from the weight that keeps you from breaking through to the surface. But when those roots are left to decay in negativity and doubt for too long, it is that much more difficult to sprout anything tangible. Nevermind something strong enough to emerge through the soil.

To Be Ruled, Consumed, Or Set FREE

Therefore we can’t let our hearts and minds be consumed by our circumstances. We cannot let ourselves be ruled by thoughts or things. More importantly, we cannot allow ourselves to be convinced that our brokenness prohibits us from transforming into that beautiful creation God has set out for us to be!

So how do you break free from all of that? Well, the answer has been the same all along. It has been and will always be, your Heavenly Father above.

With your heart set on Him you can tear open the veil of darkness encompassing your life and let God shed His healing light onto your roots. Then through the showering of His love, and the soothing comfort of His promises those roots will begin to sprout brilliant life. But you must emerge yourself in those promises, replacing thoughts of doubts and negativity with them instead.

Once a piddly root held in the confines of brokenness, waiting for its time to sprout out of the darkness, will now become brilliant fields of beautiful blossoms. For where one flower grows so can many others. Where one seed has grown and sprouted, more can begin to emerge alongside it.
— Mandy

Broken To Blossoming

When we let Him, God can transform the worst times in our lives into the very thing that will spark the greatest growth you have ever known.

Growth that will encourage prosperity in all that surrounds you.

Growth, that at our very core we all so desperately desire. A desire that was placed there for a reason. Why? Because we were never meant to just stay in brokenness.

We were never meant to cower in the darkness. We were meant to reach towards the light and show others how they can do the same. 

For with the spirit that lives within us, along with the tools God has so graciously given to each of us, we can flourish no matter the hardships that have buried and broken us. And that brokenness that burdens you now, will be the very thing that will allow you to bloom more brilliantly than you have ever bloomed before.

Did this post encourage you? I hope it did! Leave a comment below if you'd like to see more encouragment and advice about overcoming negativity!