3 Huge Ways We Delay Gods Plan For Our Lives


It was 3:30am. My eyes had just finally grown tired, after having watching far too many YouTube videos for the past hour. And I was pleased that my body was finally ready for sleep. Just before I wandered into dreamland,  this feeling of a forgotten something emerged at the forefront of mind. Then,  there it was.

"Shoot I didn't read my devotional & bible today!....I forgot. Again." , I thought. Typical, what else was new in this frequently chaotic mind of mine.


I thought to myself, "But I am soooooo tired! I just want to go to bed while I still feel sleepy." Disappointed that the first thing to enter my mind was an excuse. I had to just shake my head, thinking,

"Doesn't God deserve much more than this? Reading my devotional is the least I can, and should be doing. How am I seriously making an excuse for it?


It was then, before I could think another thought, that I found these words escaping my mouth.

"This shouldn't be an excuse. I had plenty of time to waste on videos, I can definitely take time to do this".

How often have I made excuses to not spend time with God?

Far too much I think. And I'd say most Christians can admit to that. We all do it in little ways everyday. Little ways that we probably don't even notice anymore, because we have become so desensitised from living in this On Demand society.



Although cultivating my relationship with God is something I know will only lead to a better life. And is something I find my heart desiring all the time. I still make excuses, I still procrastinate, and I still allow myself to be distracted by meaningless, trivial things.


Why is that when we get an invite to hangout with friends or have an opportunity to take a nap, or watch our favorite TV show (or Youtuber ;] ). Our time with God is so often the first item to go on the chopping block??

 Pushing what we know He desires for us to the next day, the next week or even the next year! When out of all the things we do in the day, it is our time with God that is of most importance.

It is our time with God that we should look most forward to. So that we are equipped to handle and carry out His plan for our lives and fulfil our God given purpose when He calls us to do so!

Starve your distractions-Feed your focus!
— unknown



Distractions, procrastination &  excuses are the best way to keep you from fulfilling God's perfect & timely plan for your life. They are a guarantee to prolonging the stress and worry riddling your heart and mind. And yet we so often choose these distractions to try and rid us of these unwanted feelings. Which will only provide us with a short term satisfaction or relief.

And the worst part is that the things you do when you should or could be spending time with God. Are the ultimate tool for the enemy to use against you.


The enemy aims to keep you from hearing and accomplishing God's will in your life. And when you keep saying yes or giving into all the distractions around you. Whether it be the frustrating ones or the fun ones. You are essentially ticking one more check box on the devils to-do list for the day. Meaning every time you make an excuse to not spend time with God, after you just spent all this time doing something else. [like watching Youtube videos  The enemy is over there in the corner doing a little victory dance and celebrating His little accomplishment for the day. Every. Single. Time.


Distractions may seem harmless but when you add all those distractions together,  they add up to one very large problem. And as they do so they coax you further and further away from your heavenly Father. It's the one of the best ways to completely delay God's plan for you. 

The worst part is, is it means that we are not only letting ourselves down, we are letting God down, and.  Not too mention, we are letting down the people that are depending on us to accomplish His will, today.

When we allow distractions to keep seeping into our lives,  it won’t be long before you’re swimming in them. And then from that, it doesn’t take long to drown.

Let's be honest with ourselves we all are great at wasting time. And it's the worst habit to fall into. But there is one thing worse than being distracted, procrastinating and making excuses all the time. It's knowing you are doing it, and not doing anything to change it! Don't be that person haha.

So what's your worst time waster? And what are you gonna do to change it!