Love In All The Wrong Places

// I've Been Searching //


It feels like I've been searching

for the right one for far too long

when You've been waiting to bring me to him all along

But I've gone astray somewhere along the way 

walking further + further away 

all while still so eagerly waiting for that day

to finally fulfil that dream

you placed on my heart from the start

but I went about it all wrong.

Here, all I had to do was fervently seek You.

Yet it's been so up + down 

one day knowing that I need to choose only You.

Then so quickly falling in the same trap that I always do.

Deep down I have trusted you all the way through,

where I went wrong was trusting them too.

I shoulda protected my heart like You told me to.

I learned the hard way that not all people are good. 

Just because they say they love you

doesn't mean they will take care of you the way they should.

You think I would have learned the first time around,

but now look at all I've endured.

I learned more about myself that I ever thought I could.

I know it all worked out for the great good

but I never want to feel my heart crushed

by the weight of that pain ever again.

I'm looking forward to the day 

where my real love story begins