My Weight Journey + How To Achieve Real Results

From Thin To Thinner: My Weight Journey

Weight. Underweight, overweight, the right weight. 

Weight isn’t something I think I have ever really talked about online.

I don't know why exactly.

Usually the topics I struggle with are the topics I try to share with you most. I do this because the advice and emotion I pour into them is real, authentic, and driven from a deeper place within me. A place of experience, and longing to help others with these issues.

So the topic of weight is a long time coming.

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.
— Sophia Bush

The Truth. My Truth. 

I am skinny. And, yeah, I have weight issues.

You probably have weight issues too.

Mine may just be different than most of the people I know but they’re still there, they’re still real, and it’s still hard. 

Regardless of what shape or size we all have problems. We all have looked at our bodies at some point, in some way or another with hate. We all have things we’d like to change but so often fail at getting ourselves there.

Some of those changes being ones we can actually achieve and should achieve,but many others being ideals would should never have had in the first place. 

Hating your body doesn’t change your body.
— Unknown

I am skinny, and this is my story. 

I Am Underweight

In a lot of people’s eyes I may be this “goal” size. My metabolism is envied, my dress size sought after. When the truth is I am far from it. 

The size I am shouldn’t be the size you strive to become.

Me?  I am not thin because I work my butt off at the gym (always struggled with exercise, now I’m too weak, fatigued & sick to workout properly). It’s not because I am soooo healthy. I am thin because I was born with good genetics, but because I can’t gain weight really, that means I easily become too skinny.

And I have done so many times over in my life, and I am currently in one of those times now.

Society’s Skewed View

So yeah my body is not a goal, it’s unhealthy. And I am not afraid to admit that because I don’t want to contribute to the world's skewed idea of what size young girls & women should be striving to become. 

It can be easy to lose sight of that in all the photo’s we scroll through everyday, and come face to face with without even noticing. 

So I say this to you now.

Whatever your goal is, remember that is should be tailored to you and your body. It should never be based off somebody else’s. 

For me as it stands I am underweight. Not even because the scale says so, not because the charts in the doctors office say so. (Even though according to them my healthy weight I was at wasn’t right either) I just know for my unique size and shape I am not at a healthy weight that’s best for ME. 

But more importantly I accept where I am, and that it is OKAY. I’m not going to hate myself for not being where I want to be. I am going to feed myself positivity so I have a better chance of getting to that place one day!

Why? Because getting positive results can’t come from a place of negativity.

Suffering from an undiagnosed chronic illness, has made food, diet and exercise all astronomically more challenging than it was before. But the key is that I acknowledge that where I am at isn’t ideal, it isn’t always fair, but it’s MY starting point and it’s something I CAN work with!

I’m also not going to feel sorry for myself, I going to continuously remind myself that I am not alone and there are so many other people that struggle with chronic illness. But I’m not going diminish my situation either, because living this way is TOUGH, it is depressing a lot of the times, and I am exhausted and emotional A LOT, and trying to ignore that it isn’t going to help. It will just drive me into more of a depression. 

So ALWAYS acknowledge your feelings, just know which ones to feed into and which ones you need transform into something that will help you not hinder you. 

For me, I make the CHOICE everyday that I am going to tackle weight issues and goals in the right way. I am going to choose to achieve my goals with love and encouragement. I will choose not to look at my life and body with disdain because it doesn't look or work the why I want it to. 

How To Achieve Real Results 

Your weight is unique to you too, and you don’t fit on a chart, because your body isn’t built like anyone else on this earth.

So stop trying to become something that’s physically not possible and beating yourself up when it doesn’t happen.

I choose to love myself now. So I won’t look back at this girl years from now and only wish I had.
— Stacie Martin

You are only going to end up back where you started! Which is beaten down and broken, longing to look different—to change yourself. When you don’t need to, the only you thing you need is to do is to desire to be a better, healthier version of YOU. 

So how do you get results? 

You get results by knowing where you are, being the person you want to be on the inside first. Loving what’s on the outside regardless of what it looks like and discovering what lies beneath the reasons you want to change, to reveal something real, purposeful,  meaningful and POWERFUL.

Only then will you drive real results with real lasting, healthy methods and outcomes.

So what is your “why”?

Finding Support

There is strength in knowing you need help, support and a shoulder to lean on through the process of learning to love your body. At some point we all have people helping us achieve the desire to shape and create a healthier body! And there is always someone to help provide that support whether they are near or far. 

If you aren’t getting the support you need, talk to someone. Get a real life coach or a online one. Talk to your doctor about seeing a dietician. Join a class once a week where you can be around others on the same journey. Join a free community on Facebook where people in the same circumstances as you will root you on and give you the accountability and encouragement you need!  

Feeling supported, encouraged, and held accountability in a healthy way will always drive better results than you could do on your own. We don’t need to be ashamed to admit that this process is hard. Most importantly you have to know that you don’t need to do this alone. 

We think cats are adorable no matter how skinny or fat they ar, so why do we treat humans different?
— Unknown

Do you battle with weight issues, or have you in the past? Leave a comment below to let others know they are not alone, or encouraging piece of advice that helped you get where you want to be. 

Last but not least let me know if you’d like to see more about loving your body and shaping yourself healthily into the person you want to be!