6 Huge Myths You've Been Told About Lash Extensions

6 Myths You’ve Been Told About Lash Extensions


You’ve probably heard all kinds of things about lash extensions. It’s a service that is starting to be offered more and more, and has gained much popularity over the last few years! Amongst the things you have heard is some stuff that has probably made you doubt whether you should get lash extensions. It also may have given you some unrealistic expectations when it comes to getting them.

So today we are going de-bunk some common myths about lash extensions. So you know the truth, and only the truth. And maybe, just maybe you will no longer fear jumping on this lash extension train, because it’s definitely one I wish I got on sooner!


Mascara, oh mascara. Oh how I dislike thee. The thing is, I knew mascara kind of bugged my skin on my lash line. But I didn’t even realize how much so, until I tried lash extensions and didn't have to wear mascara anymore. Not only that but I became aware of how much I was constantly picking at my lashes, pulling the mascara off (lash techs nightmare). I really just battled + disliked my short lashes, and most definitely was frustrated applying mascara every day. (Like give me eyeliner any day over mascara haha)



 So anyways, I had wanted to try lash extensions for a long time to say the least! And now, if I had to choose between having lash extensions or makeup I would 100% choose waking up with long, beautiful lashes. And lash extensions give me that! It’s seriously the best feeling when you wake up, and see your lashes perfectly in place! I love feeling okay walking out the door without any makeup on. Like hallelujah, specially on those days you are running late + have to sprint out the door. Yeah, lets just say your self-esteem will sky rocket.

No more mascara, no more eye lash curlers, no more fake adhesive lashes!


1. MYTH: Lash extensions will damage my natural lashes!

Unless you have an uneducated lash tech, your lashes will be anything but damaged! Keeping your lashes healthy is actually the key to having your lash extensions last. So if anything you will find yourself taking better care of them! And your lash tech will be your number one encourager in making sure that happens! So do not fear. To tell you the truth my natural lashes are actually stronger than they were before! And they don’t fall out as fast since I’ve gotten lash extensions!


2. MYTH: Getting lash extensions hurts!

Uhhh, no.  While you get to lay down, your lash tech is busy at work adhering each little lash to your real one. So no pain my girl! And the glues used are medical grade glues without the harmful ingredients that would sting your eyes. It’s actually super relaxing, so much so  that I dare you not to fall asleep.  ;) And if your eye is irritated, let your lash tech know, it’s more than likely just a matter of re positioning the pads that are put under your lower lashes.

 If you have a question-- ask! You spend your precious coin on your lashes. So make sure you know what you’re doing, so you can get the most out of money, and your lash extensions!

3. MYTH: Getting lash extensions takes no time at all!

Quality takes time! A fill doesn’t take as long as a full set. But some people think that a full set of lash extensions can be done in no time flat. When in reality, it takes 1 -3 hrs. Someone just starting out will take longer than a tech that’s been at it for years. Plus if you are getting a fuller set of lashes that means more lashes need to be applied in a single session than say, a natural looking set of lash extensions.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy lashes. Which is pretty much the same thing ;)

4. MYTH: If I get lash extensions, my lashes are going to look so “over the top” and fake!

So maybe you don’t want it to be super obvious that you have lash extensions. I get it.

Well I am happy to report that not all extensions are created the same! Truth is that, yeah, SOME people want over the top and fake looking lashes. And if you have the lashes to sustain that glam lash look. Then go for it girl! But what most people don’t know is that if you just want to enhance your lashes but still want it to look super natural, you can do that too!

Lash techs are equipped with all kinds of thickness’s and lengths of lashes.

FYI: Your lash tech will give you a style of lashes that fits your eye shape and can only give you what your lashes can handle. And be glad! Because if you were given something too heavy for your lashes, that is how you can actually damage them.

5. MYTH: If I brush my lashes then my lashes will fall out faster!

Oh contraire! Cleaning your lashes + brushing them is precisely what will keep your lashes FROM falling out faster. Brushing your lashes 1-2 times a day is essential! The less you brush the greater chance that they will stick + clump together. Meaning that when they fall out, they will fall out in those clumps, creating gaps and spaces!

PS:  Did you know your lashes fall out on a cycle? Most people have a lash cycle of 4-6 weeks. Meaning you need to get fills to keep your lashes looking their best! Some people need to get their lashes filled every 2 weeks because the majority of their lashes fall out so quickly. That’s why taking care of your lashes makes a huge difference. Take care of your natural lashes (+your extensions) and you can extend the time before you have to get a fill! Me? I get a fill about every 3 weeks.

6. MYTH: My real lashes are totally shorter than before I got the lash extensions!

Quite a few people think their natural lashes are consequently shorter from having lash extensions, once they stop getting fills and the lash extensions fall out. The thing is, you’ve been used to staring at long lashes since you got them. Of course your real lashes are short! That’s why you got lash extensions haha. Getting lash extensions won't make your real lashes grow in shorter after you stop getting them. It’s just a mind trick.

So did you learn something new from today's post? Which myth were you most surprised by! Leave a comment down below!