The Best Skincare Routine (for dry skin!)

My Current Skincare Routine 

Are skincare routine's overrated? I used to think so! But as I got older I started to realize the power in a good skincare routine.

The thing is, sooo many people only start thinking about their skin once the effects of neglecting it over the years starts to kick in.

But no amount of fine line or wrinkle treatments will reverse the damage once it's already done. That is why preventing them for as long as we can is the best way we keep ourselves looking our best for many more years to come!

*** I am a brand ambassador for Salt+C (because I love their products, and everything the brand represents!) which is one of the brands mentioned in this post. I have been gifted the products but this post is all of my own doing it is not sponsored and the links are not affiliate links, i just love these products that much :) ***


As I became chronically ill with an illness the doctors are still working on diagnosing, I started to be burdened with extremely dry skin like never before. Products and lotions that I used to use now caused my skin to itch, and burn like crazy. My skin was flaking off, I felt like the only way to contain my skin issues was to be applying lotions and creams a bazillion times a day!

Long story short, with how sick I was feeling the last thing I wanted to deal with was my skin. Not too mention, spending tons of money (I didn't have) on testing products to see what my skin reacted to was not high on my priority list! haha

That's why I went straight to seeking out natural, organic products free of the obvious stuff my skin may be reacting to. Aka chemicals, parabens & sulfates amongst other additives.


The fact is we have become so unaware of what is in/ how the products we buy are made.

Because we don't NEED to care.

It's fair, it's not something we are taught to care about. For me it took getting this ill to make me take a closer look. But I am so glad I finally have

Chronic illness has made me pay more attention to what's in the products I am putting on my body. And boy did it open my eyes to all of the junk that's put into SO many of the products we unconsciously purchase every day!

That is why I know choose to use natural, organic products.

Slowly but surely I am replacing the products I use with natural organic ones, or at least the closest I can get to it.

By all means I am not saying go out and only buy natural organic products, but I encourage you to take a look at the back of the label of your current products and see how many ingredients you can't begin to know what they are. And start somewhere like I did!

Products I'm Currently Using (+ Loving)For Dry Skin:

Make-up Remover/ On The Go Cleanser


  • Oil Free

  • Alcohol Free

  • Fragrance Free!

I've been hooked on micellar water for a while now, that's why it was a must have to include in this post! This by far is the nicest basic drugstore product to remove my make-up. Oddly enough I really don't like using the typical oil based makeup removers that leave my skin feeling super greasy afterwards.

This stuff removes my makeup (the waterproof stuff too) effortlessly without smearing it all over my face hahah. And if I need something to quickly cleanse my face this is the perfect product to use on the go.

Try: Put cotton pads in a small container soaked in Micellar Water to use as convenient cleansing wipes for after a workout at the gym OR like after a long day at work to freshen up!

 It gives you just enough to make your skin feel clean and refreshed. Definitely an essential in your skincare bag. And with my sensativies I have no issues so far with this makeup remover.



  • Purifies and Cleans

  • Hydrates

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Soothes Redness

For me, starting to use this cleanser was the biggest game changer for my skin. Previously, I had been definitely using the wrong cleanser for my skin type and didn't even know it. 

TIP: Actually figure out what your skin type is, and use a cleanser for your skin type not just any generic one you think should do the job. Don't be afraid to ask which product is the best for your skin type at the company you are wanting to purchase from! They'd know best!

I never thought an oil based cleanser would actually feel like it was cleaning my skin but this little bottle of goodness was the start at transforming my idea of skincare. It's smooth, super easy to rub into the skin and I do a light rinse but don't wipe off the excess because my skin needs all the moisture it can get. 

This cleanser cleared up pretty much all of the texture, little bumps on my skin and has completely reduced the mini breakouts I was getting! But most of all it was the turning point for my dry flaky skin.

Side note: I can't wait to reuse the wonderful glass bottles they come in. Packaging is ON-POINT and not too mention sustainable.


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  • Moisturizes + Softens, Fights Aging

  • Restores PH balance

  • Helps Tightens Pores

  • Promotes Healthy Skin Regeneration

This toner is the perfect pair with my cleanser. Just like the cleanser I have been using this for months now and no doubt it has contributed to my skin transformation.

I will be honest for me the scent took getting used to, it was not my favourite! Although my sister loved the scent haha. Yet after time I've come to quite enjoy it!

I use this toner everyday after my cleanser and before my moisturizer,  & although I don't think a toner is as essential this has definitely become a welcomed part to my skincare routine! 


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Eye Cream/ Facial Moisturizer



  • Easily absorbs but doesn't clog pores!

  • Moisturizes

  • Brightens + Repair

  • Helps fight against fine lines + wrinkles!

  • Combats those dark circles!

This beauty can used as both an eye cream and all over face moisturizer! So obviously I use it as both ;D. I've only had this for just over a week, and it was definitely the missing ingredient to my routine.

I was using a Mary Kay 3in1 moisturizer that just was not doing the job for my super dry skin. But this oil based moisturizer gives my skin the moisture it's been begging for without making me feel like a grease ball or clogging my pores giving me those awful little skin bumps!

Plus this jar is huge considering how much product I need to moisturize my entire face. I truly will have this moisturizer for such a long time!

It's a little pricier but for how long it will last, and the quality, you truly can't say anything. (Even my skin product obsessed sis hooked on it after trying it a few times!)


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Body Moisturizer



  • Absorbs quickly!

  • Non greasy formula!

  • Crazy nourishing + helps lock in moisture.

  • High in antioxidants!

  • Promotes skin health + skill cell regeneration!

Out of all my products this one has been the biggest blessing. And the one I was most surprised with! I cannot begin to tell you how much of a battle I've fought with my skin on my body. I've tried product after product to no avail. This body oil has been the first thing that hasn't itched or burned and that actually fully moisturizes my skin.


My legs were probably my biggest problem area + now by using this only once a day I can keep up with skin. But too maintain it really well, I'll use it again at the end of the day in a any super dry area's! I have used your generic coconut oil,avocado oil, other oil mixes, creams, lotions but nothings has performed compared to this. I'm completely obsessed.


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Face Mask


Formulated with raspberry, blueberry, wolfberry, cranberry and strawberry extracts.

I've been using this mask 2-3 times a week and I am in love with it. Which is sad for me, because as I was looking up the specs for this product and researching where I could buy I full size I was greeted with the reality that is oddly not available anywhere?!! Which makes no sense since not too long ago my sister gave me this sample sized product in a topbox she got a little while ago (she has oily skin, can't use). So I had to include it to be authentic to my skincare routine, but I am sorry to say you can't actually buy this product right now, but I will update you if it becomes available again :)


"Rumo" Lotion || Lush


Yes, this lotion is for your rump... But my skin was so dry that i was using this twice a day for my whole body and it was the first thing that sorta kinda helped my skin! It smells really good, and it definitely is a heavy duty moisturizer. For the rest of my body other than my legs it did pretty well at getting the job done but for the price it just didn't quite take the cake for me. Had my skin issues been slightly less this would have been the perfect fit!

For anyone with slightly less dry skin than me though this would be a GREAT option. Lush is a great company that makes really great products. 

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These face masks are fresh from the refrigerator in Lush, and out of the masks that my sister and I have tried this one definitely was our favourite!

It smells, amazing and feels amazing on the face. Your face definitely feels smooth and refreshed after this mask! 10/10 recommend. Just remember to throw a good moisturizer on after!

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Well that's all folks! Will you be trying any of these products? Let me know down below if you'd like more products recommendations and to see more beauty posts like this one!